There’s officially less than three weeks until I fly out for South Africa.

I’m getting ready for the trip in the midst of trying to plan a wedding (I got engaged two weeks ago) and deal with a minor car accident that took place last week and has left me with doctor visits and vehicle repairs, all while continuing to work full time and treasure the last bit of time I have with the high schoolers at my youth group and my inner city kids. (When I return from South Africa I’m stepping down from my current volunteer work to focus on my wedding and beginning of my marriage.)

I’m still about $800 short for my trip and trying to get everything set up to run smoothly here while I’m gone.

Last night I was at youth group and we were all singing a song with a simple yet powerful chorus, “I will trust You, Jesus I will trust You, I will trust You, I will.” Then, this morning, while working in drive thru I found myself singing one of my all time favorites, “I have decided to follow Jesus”. 

Both times what hit my heart as I sang was this: As we live out the gospel, we get to go on adventures we never would’ve planned for ourselves, do things we feel totally incapable of and in all of it, we get to rest in the sweet assurance that He is a good leader and we can trust Him. 

The life of a Christian isn’t boring. It’s costly, it’s painful but it’s an adventure, filled with sweetness. 

We get to follow His voice wherever He leads. We get to learn His rythyms. We get to be swept up into His story.

As I’m preparing to leave my fiancé, family, friends and country for the summer I keep remembering how truly good His plans are. He’s trustworthy. To walk with Him is always the best.

I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.

Catch me up in Your story, all my life for your glory.


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